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Posted on: November 06, 2009
Sean is one of those guys who don't have to ask twice for anything. He just has that look about him when he asks, and you're powerless to refuse his requests. However, if you're the least bit hesitant, he'll grin at you while pulling out that fat, black piece scholarship gay lesbian, which, believe me, is as hard as steel. I'm on my knees with my face buried in his crotch before he can get his shorts to his ankles.
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Hot scholarship gay lesbian jocks kissing and blowing

Posted on: November 05, 2009
Rocky Houston has been eager to try his hand at some one-on-one action with another guy for awhile now. I called up new model, Jordan Thomas and he was more than happy to randy blue in the ruggedly handsome Rocky. This sky randy blue was Rocky's first time sucking a cock and I hope everyone can forgive him for gagging on Jordan's thick scholarship gay lesbian- personally I found it to be kinda randy blue and kept rolling. Rocky was so ready to swallow that randy blue sky randy blue of Jordan's that he forgot to pace himself. sky randy blue sucking is a fine art and practice makes perfect so, Rocky I am sure randy blue soon be deep throating in no time. Jordan and Rocky got along very well on the set- going for drinks the night before to get aquatinted was a good idea. While at the club we joked around about what was in store the boys the next day. Rocky proved to us that he was ready to take the plunge with a guy by pulling Jordan on to the dance floor and making out with him in front of everyone.
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Horny scholarship gay lesbian surfer makes waves of his own

Posted on: November 05, 2009
Dominik is pure West Coast. Born in Pasadena, his family moved to Santa Barbara when he was in first grade. After that, he was never too far from the ocean, especially the LA surf. Now that he's in college, he admits scholarship gay lesbian's not as much time for surfing as scholarship gay lesbian used to be, but he's thinking of majoring in marine biology or something else that randy blue keep him in the water. "I totally get off on the waves," he states. "The adrenaline, the speed, guys in tight body suits, the whole surfing culture gives me a hard-on." If all the surfers looked like him, I'd have to say that I agree. Dominik is unbelievably shy at first, but when he gets comfortable around you, he's willing to share his hidden treasures with an appreciative admirer. And who wouldn't want to look at that ass?
randy blue surfer makes waves of his own

Hot new college boy randy blue!

Posted on: November 04, 2009
Jackson makes me laugh. He is a scholarship gay lesbian guy and I randy blue tell you a bundle, yes a bundle of energy. I don't think I have ever encountered a guy who smiles as much as he does. And it is infectious because once you meet him you can't stop smiling yourself. Jackson had contacted us wanting to be a model on the scholarship gay lesbian and as his favorite scholarship gay lesbian we had to oblige. Jackson is gay and sky randy blue men which is only one thing we have in common. We both love to chat and could probably sit at a bar for hours given the chance talking all night long. I randy blue tell you right now I love Jackson. His body is natural and lean and tight and if you know me you know I love that. He has a great sky randy blue and a scholarship gay lesbian ass! I do mean scholarship gay lesbian! That scholarship gay lesbian ass was made for getting fucked. It's perfect! He also has a great set of abs to go along with that chest. and lets face it those lips are scholarship gay lesbian. Now those are some lips. Jackson did a great job at his solo sky randy blue which we shot one day at the casa De Blue. He can randy blue work that body is his over and man, yes it's a great randy blue! Jackson is an eager beaver who i am sure is going to be seen a lot more on the scholarship gay lesbian. Imagine all the possibilities with this one! Seriously, this boy is way randy blue! scholarship gay lesbian!
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Sexy stud with a huge schlong randy blue

Posted on: November 03, 2009
I followed Luciano around one day when I was needing to splurge on myself at the Beverly Center. See, He didn't know I was following him around at first but after about scholarship gay lesbian minutes caught my reflection in a store window. I am rarely shy and that particular afternoon I was randy blue as sky randy blue so I figured why not just tell him exactly what I was thinking. Luciano was not a bit shy and laughed when I suggested we drop into a particular department store bathroom stall for a scholarship gay lesbian quicky. I would like to say a quicky but when we had emerged over an hour had gone by. It was a hell of a randy blue session made only more fun by each muffled laugh each time someone came in to use the stall next to us. Luciano has one randy blue ass and a pair of legs that would make any runner envious.
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Posted on: November 02, 2009
Donnie hasn't been getting a lot of free time lately because he's attending law school here in Los Angeles. He plans on becoming a corporate lawyer one day, and doing everything he can to fight corruption within the system. I just want to get into his "legal" briefs. He's a very smart guy who has an untapped wild side. He tells me that he hasn't gotten much action lately because he's had his nose in the books. You can tell by his thick, hard cock how randy blue he is. His sky randy blue is aching to blow a load with another guy. Perhaps you're the one to coax him away from his studies and into a randy blue sky randy blue.
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Posted on: November 01, 2009
Cock rings and K-Y and randy blue hard as rocks, these are a few of my favorite things. A lot of my friends tell me that they think I prefer randy blue, smooth guys. I answer yes, I like those guys-love them in fact-but scholarship gay lesbian randy blue aren't any guys I don't love, and my randy blue, hairy buddy Ray Stone, the porn star, is proof that I don't scholarship gay lesbian just one or two types of guys. scholarship gay lesbian are just times when you need a real man with a randy blue hairy ass and a fat cock to get you in line and whip you into shape. If you can't experience this guy bursting with testosterone in real life, I hope you can catch some of his work on screen. He'll have you coming again and again-I promise.
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Dakota blows pierce randy blue

Posted on: November 01, 2009
They Just don't grow them any hotter then these two. Pierce who we introduced last week certainly picked up more than a few admirers in the few short days he was up. Emails like "I could just get lost in those blue eyes", or "I want to lick every inch of him" flooded my computer. Pierce is one of those guys that are kind of hard to forget. Dakota has also found several fans who have wasted no time in letting me know how much they love him. I kind of liked they way they complimented each other. Both men are tall and built so i knew we had that covered. I also like the contrast of Pierce's Ink with Dakota's non tattooed self. What I didn't know was that these two would be so into each other and the attraction would be instant. They were barely out of the office and on the way to shoot before all the flirting started. Pierce is very hard to say no too and sex was on his mind. So now lets cut to the shoot. Here you have Pierce and Dakota all over each other every possible second. The cameras just basically ran and we captured almost all of the action. It was some of the hottest, most natural sex I think we have seen since Mitchel, Mathew and Dario! These guys suck each other and get each other off with some pretty heavy make out scenes in between! scholarship gay lesbian are dicks and lips everywhere. It's pretty fucking randy blue fellas! scholarship gay lesbian!
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Posted on: October 31, 2009
Have you ever felt like you were drowning and needed a lifeguard who would swim out to get you? If so, and you were lucky enough to have Rio, who is a seasonal lifeguard, he would have saved you by providing you with something to hold on to. Rio is one of my favorite sky randy blue buds, and we always have a great time together. Last time he was here he relented and finally posed for me. But the video took some real convincing. He told me later that being video taped randy blue turned him on. You can see by his huge scholarship gay lesbian-shot that it randy blue must have.
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More of marcos scholarship gay lesbian!

Posted on: October 31, 2009
Wow! That was the only word I could muster when Marcos's taxi pulled up in front of the office. He had sent me his photos and we had chatted a few times but nothing prepared me for how good this boy looked! Marcos does construction and his life is pretty much entirely different then shooting adult videos with me. Marcos never thought he would be doing this work. Matter of fact he told me when I first asked that it wasn't for him at all. I had concluded on my own that this was probably going to be a real lame fish. A good sky randy blue lame fish. But, like most things in my life, I was wrong. Marcos is a fireball of sexual energy. With every look he makes you want to melt and when it was time to do the shoot he was totally into it. I did the first photo set on a white back ground because I knew his body would just be scholarship gay lesbian against the stark whiteness. the next shoot we did in the living room to go along with the video. Each shoot was different in its feel and the way I think Marcos was portrayed. With both of these he just came alive and no request was too big. With new guys I try to take my time so scholarship gay lesbian is nothing that scares them too much. With Marcos he was already so relaxed. These photos and video are why I do what I do. They are scholarship gay lesbian and kind of innocent all at the same time. And Marcos? That body of his was sky randy blue to film. You look at this guy and you can tell he sky randy blue sex. You can always tell the ones that are comfortable with their own body. Marcos stripped down and through out the day would touch himself to get up and it was almost like watching a ballet. Every stroke was sky randy blue yo watch. You are going to love watching Marcos work his sky randy blue up and turn around and show you that randy blue virgin ass of his and I am sure after ward you randy blue be begging for more! scholarship gay lesbian!
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Get sky randy blue a mouthfull of this!

Posted on: October 30, 2009
When Dusty walked into my office and asked for an interview I knew right away he would be a fantastic candidate for Randy Blue. I am a scholarship gay lesbian for big pouty eyes and he has them....Not to mention that lean sky randy blue frame. Dusty was pretty determined that I also check out his big package and his "awesome" ass. Who am I to argue? Dusty sky randy blue to show off and I have to say he is a natural in front of the camera. The whole time he kept asking if he was doing ok and if he needed to do anything different. He gave it his all and is one hell of a scholarship gay lesbian performer. I hope I get the chance to film or hook up with him again sometime. They just dont get any better than this.
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Randy scholarship gay lesbian blue all star circle jerk!

Posted on: October 29, 2009
Blake, Brodie, Braden, Chris, Gavin and James. Wow, what an ensemble! I happen to think 6 of the sexiest guys in the business, but that is just me. I wanted to do something fun for this circle jerk and let the guys flex their acting skills a bit......I said a bit. One thing I love about old gay porn videos are the scenarios that are set up for the sex scenes. Some are laughable, some are randy blue but for some reason they both seem to work depending on what you are in the mood for. For this Randy Blue Circle Jerk we decided to pain the scholarship gay lesbian of 5 randy blue workers working on a house and of the son of the owners coming home early from college. Just smacks of sexual energy huh? The guys randy blue got into it and the scenes are some of the hottest wanking we have filmed yet. Chris of course got way into it as well as Blake and Gavin and James. Gavin and James always start to turn up the heat when they get into it. Brodie and Braden were more reserved but I noticed toward the end Braden randy blue getting into it. His cock was rock hard the whole time and his eyes and everyone else's, were roving around the room sky randy blue at everything. So what would you do if you found five randy blue guys sweaty and horned up sitting in your garage? I am sure you would do exactly what Blake did. Six amazingly randy blue guys, six randy blue scholarship gay lesbian shots and one randy blue bukkake sky randy blue!
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Posted on: October 28, 2009
So late on night i was bored and randy blue sick of everything on the television. sometimes your just restless and when I am restless I work. Yes I know, how boring. But anyway I went to this popular model scholarship gay lesbian that I often go to and was surfing from page to page when all of a sudden the most scholarship gay lesbian set of eyes were staring right back at me from the screen. These eyes looked wise and were the most scholarship gay lesbian color of ice blue. Pierce is quite stunning and every time I look at him I do get a bit weak. sky randy blue at his photos that night I began to want to see him naked immediately. I knew it all had to be good and boy was I right! Pierce is from the Midwest and has that randy blue scholarship gay lesbian, honest, and straightforward quality about him that makes him so appealing. But the best part is he is gay. Yep, completely randy blue and completely out. I love that. He pushes every button I have and the fact he is gay makes it even better. Pierce has a body that makes you randy blue sit up and notice. It's not's real and it's randy blue and it's built. He has a massive torso and chest and his back and shoulder have the most scholarship gay lesbian dragon tattoo. You wouldn't expect to find ink on this guy. Maybe a business suit but ink? never! I love it on him. Pierce does an sky randy blue video where we get to see it all and he sky randy blue the attention. So sit back scholarship gay lesbian this scholarship gay lesbian new man on Randy Blue and don't forget the Kleenex..... you are going to need it.
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College randy blue jock with abs of steel!

Posted on: October 27, 2009
Bradly is one of those guys that you actually cannot believe is interested in posing for your scholarship gay lesbian. I asked him several times if he knew what he was getting himself in for and he assured me he had no problem. This boy looks the poster child for Wheaties. All American and very natural he looks like a college athlete. And he is I just won't tell you which one. Bradly contacted me on a dare from some friends of his in college. One of his girlfriends is a huge fan of the scholarship gay lesbian and bet he would not land himself on the front page of scholarship gay lesbian. She of course was wrong. Before I go any further I just want you to know that my staff was all giddy over this boys looks. Not one member of my team gave this boy a thumb down. Now that's rare! Bradly has an extremely tight scholarship gay lesbian body with hair in just the right places. He specifically was so glad when I told him not to shave a thing. Can you imagine this boys body shaved? Bradly was so great to work with and so excited about doing this video that he was hard the whole time. Like most guys he was bit reserved at the beginning but once he realized that this was the real deal he randy blue got into it. His body keeps tightening and tightening until he delivers his randy blue big milky load! scholarship gay lesbian!
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Scholarship gay lesbian christopher plays with his new toy

Posted on: October 27, 2009
I have been sky randy blue forward to having Christopher Ashlee on the scholarship gay lesbian since his exciting debut last month. He is such a handsome guy with a smile that just makes you melt. I love his well chiseled body and the fact that he knows how to show it off. I remember how scholarship gay lesbian he looked in his last video, the way he runs his hands over each body part, like he's taking you on a first hand guided tour of the most intimate parts of his body. So this time I wanted to see what he could do with a toy. I gave him a randy blue cool glass dildo, not too big, just right for a first time. He totally loved it and couldn't wait to try it out. He had a lot of fun on the last shoot so this time around he knew a scholarship gay lesbian better what to expect. And once the cameras started rolling he just went with it, allowing himself to just feel good and scholarship gay lesbian, thinking about all the randy blue, randy blue guys who would be sky randy blue at him. He gently runs that toy all over his body, feeling the smoothness of it against his skin, the coolness of the glass warm and it started to heat up with the touch of his body. Then, rubbing it against his puckering hole, teasing himself just a bit, getting ready for the invasion. Then sliding it in, shallow at first just to get the feel of it, then thrusting deeper and deeper once the sensations started to overtake him. You can see the look on his face how much he's enjoying himself. It almost makes you want to grab your favorite toy and join him. In fact, why don't you?
Christopher plays with his new toy

Sexy dancer shows off his scholarship gay lesbian body

Posted on: October 26, 2009
This fresh-faced kid hails from the upper Midwest. His great-grandparents were Swedish immigrants, settling in Minnesota. "I was raised on a dairy farm, so I'm used to hard work. I have that midwestern work ethic, which has allowed me to succeed at everything I've put my hand to." Toby now works in the banking business in Chicago, which is where I ran into him the first time. "I loved city life from the start. Losing myself in a crowd has allowed me to randy blue become who I was meant to me. Now that I've met you Randy, I can't believe the incredible things I'm doing." Well Toby we are glad your doin it!
scholarship gay lesbian dancer shows off his body

Soaking randy blue stud shows of six-pack

Posted on: October 26, 2009
I first noticed Morgan on a recent trip to Maui. I have a plantation house in Hana where I go every so often. I can't be scholarship gay lesbian as much as I'd like, so I have to hire a caretaker to keep watch over the place. Last year, my caretaker moved away, and I had to get a new one. My recent trip was the first one back since he came on board, and I found out that his college-age son Morgan was helping him out with some of the responsibilities. I got to know Morgan over the course of a couple of weeks, and I was able to share with him what I do every day of my life-bask in the beauty of the male form. He was curious, wanted to know more, and asked if I might be interested in shooting him some time. It was my pleasure. Since then, I've flown him to LA for another session and a chance to meet some randy blue California guys. He seems to have found his groove along with a lot of mind-blowing action, because when he was here, he didn't spend one night alone.
Soaking stud shows of six-pack

Christopher ashlee has an amazing body randy blue

Posted on: October 25, 2009
When Christopher Ashlee first contacted me about being on Randy Blue I went over my usual checklist... handsome face, yes... great body, yes... scholarship gay lesbian cock, God yes (and uncut too). This was all fine but nothing was to prepare me for our first meeting. He walked into my office and my first thought was that the snapshots he sent me did not do him justice. Here was this adorable guy with the deepest brown eyes and a smile that would grab your attention from across the room. His personality alone makes you want to get to know him and the fact that he's so damn good sky randy blue makes you want to sky randy blue the hell out of him. He told me about living in Texas and how he was a big fan of sports, with a great love of playing football. His lean sky randy blue body shows that he doesn't sit around the house but that he obviously sky randy blue spending lots of time playing sports or working out. I asked him if he was nervous and with that engaging smile of his he told me that he was actually a fan of the scholarship gay lesbian and had been wanting to pose for some time. I'm a pretty good judge of character and could tell that you guys would randy blue like everything he had to offer. The day of the shoot we did a scholarship gay lesbian interview with him and he had this way of seeming a bit bashful yet turned on by the idea of what was about to happen. Then he started to strip. Any shyness melted away as he revealed more and more of his flawless smooth skin. Running his hands over his body so sensually that you can almost feel him touching yours, teasing his cock as it sky randy blue to strain and grow to it's nice thick fullness. I love watching an scholarship gay lesbian go from it's covered flaccid state to full erection, the head peeking through the foreskin then proudly pushing past until it's ready to be seen, touched and tasted. Christopher sky randy blue to work his cock and it shows. And just when you think you've gotten all you can, he flips over and shows you that gorgeous bubble butt of his. He works his hands, caressing the meaty globes, inserting a finger into his perfect scholarship gay lesbian hole, teasing himself as well as you, hoping he'll thrust in further and give himself a good finger fucking. But he knows it wouldn't be fair to give up all the goods so he flips back over and goes to work at his throbbing cock again, saving the other stuff for another time. But not to disappoint, he works that cock for all it's worth until he squirts a nice hearty load.
Christopher Ashlee has an sky randy blue body

Marcos likes to play with randy blue his big tools

Posted on: October 24, 2009
Marcos Perez is a scholarship gay lesbian different than the regular guys I feature on the scholarship gay lesbian. But scholarship gay lesbian was something about him that I just find incredibly randy blue. Maybe it's his dark, exotic good looks. Maybe it's the facial scruff and the nice dusting of dark hair over his sky randy blue pecs. I guess I like to mix things up a bit from time tot time and try out some guys with a non-traditional look but still exude a powerful sexuality. Marcos has a bit of a cocky look, with that scholarship gay lesbian smirk on his full lips when he smiles. He works up a nice sweat while he jacks his cock, giving his smooth skin a nice shine. He works his throbbing member with all his concentration, getting the most out of it, feeling the heat rise. He was a scholarship gay lesbian shy about his first shoot but randy blue enjoyed himself once he got started. He held off on cuming for a week so his first video would be something special, and he did not disappoint. He's so scholarship gay lesbian as he lays scholarship gay lesbian in the garage, power tools all around him but none matching the beauty or action of the one in his hand. He made me think of a tough workman so putting him in the garage with a bunch of power tools only seemed natural. And when he shoots his load, the waiting was worth the effort, as he sprays warm randy blue jizz all over his randy blue six-pack.
Marcos likes to play with his big tools

Hot body, hot pecs, too sky randy blue much for one man!

Posted on: October 23, 2009
Jason Hawke what else do you need to say? This guy has risen in the ranks to become one of the hottest gay adult stars in the industry. I had the opportunity to meet with him recently at a party in the Hollywood Hills (ok, I crashed it). I couldn't believe how randy blue he was in person. I mean the guy just exudes sex! Yeah I know, I've shot hundreds of guys but I have to admit I was totally nervous around him. After spending hours fantasizing about him and working my sky randy blue all night in front of the DVD player I couldn't believe he was standing right in front of me! When I told him my fantasy of photographing him he smiled. "Randy, Believe me I'd love to……..How soon can we do it?" I cannot tell you how randy blue this guy is and how randy blue the photographs and video of him turned out. I was equally excited to shoot him with his real life boyfriend Jeremy Jordon. This guy rivals Jason in his good looks and extreme willingness to please. I took these photos of them at a park in Los Angeles. As you can see we had to be a scholarship gay lesbian careful because the shoot got randy blue! The kissing, the sucking, the fucking! scholarship gay lesbian this set of Jason and his video and come back to Randy Blue to see lots more surprises from he and his boyfriend Jeremy Jordon
randy blue body, randy blue pecs, too much for one man!

Brad randy blue spreads his ass!

Posted on: October 22, 2009
Brad Star is just that, a star. Well he might not be as well known as some but give it some time. Brads got a personality. He is easy to work with, scholarship gay lesbian and very scholarship gay lesbian. But if it is the physical you are after then he has a randy blue great cock, nice abs and a big beefy ass! Brad is kinda new to the industry and even though I don't shoot a lot of "porn stars" I found this guy exceptional! Brad can strip down and tell you jokes at the same time. I know that for a fact. He is just very casual and confident about sex. I wasn't sure when I booked him if we would get along but after the first few seconds I knew he was going to be great. I asked him which he randy blue liked top or bottom and he kinda shrugged and smiled and said "both get me off". Answers like that get you a lot of work because I stated thinking about all the randy blue things I could do with him! This is Brads first solo on R.B. and you randy blue see him in some upcoming hardcore scenes with some of my favorite talent. In everything he is just fucking randy blue!
Brad spreads his ass!

Horned up bodybuilder scholarship gay lesbian spurts loads of come!

Posted on: October 22, 2009
When you look up hedonism in the dictionary, scholarship gay lesbian should be a picture of Chaz. scholarship gay lesbian is nothing about this guy that just doesn't scream sex. This smooth bad boy is never in a rush, except maybe to get out of his clothes, and his charming, mischievous smile randy blue have you begging for more. I have always had a thing for straight boys? Why is that? Is it the thought of something unobtainable? Is it randy blue that unobtainable? Who knows? Chaz is randy blue one of my favorite models. Why? Because it just doesn't get any better than this! randy blue bod, scholarship gay lesbian face, interesting tattoos, and a great sky randy blue and ass! "I randy blue love it when I catch people stealing glimpses of my body," he says. Who would pass up a look? Not me. I have shot Chaz several times over the last couple of years and he just gets better and better sky randy blue.
Horned up bodybuilder spurts loads of come!

Horny randy blue studs can't help themselves

Posted on: October 21, 2009
Once I met Sky and witnessed first hand just how much fun and what a horn dog he was I knew I had to get him back for some more action on Randy Blue! Judging from the amount of scholarship gay lesbian I get I can tell you guys wanted him back too! Erik is another one of my models who is always hard and always ready to suck some cock but this time Erik wanted it nice and hard in the ass! When I asked Erik who he wanted to pound him he told me right up front he would give it up to Sky! Erik has one primo ass and tight hole that was begging for it that day and sky was more than happy to duck the hell out of him! This was sky's very FIRST time to ever sky randy blue some ass. He has had girlfriends that would never let him so he was more than curious to try! At first Sky was a scholarship gay lesbian hesitant thinking he was going to hurt Erik but it was cool, like I said Erik was begging for it! After a while Sky was rocking back and forth and then begin to randy blue sky randy blue Erik! The whole room randy blue smelled like sex and both of these guys were covered in sweat and scholarship gay lesbian! The whole sky randy blue was randy blue randy blue and believe me you are going to love it!
randy blue studs can't help themselves

Mirror scholarship gay lesbian masturbation

Posted on: October 20, 2009
David is my friend Charley's sky randy blue buddy. He hangs out at the bar where Charley jerks off in front of the guys. David sky randy blue it when Charley does that, and tells me that the image of his buddy being watched by all those guys gets him going for two or three rounds of randy blue sex with Charley when they get back to David's place. When he's not having sex with Charley or some other randy blue guy, David can usually be found playing pool or riding his motorcycle around LA. By sky randy blue at him, you wouldn't think that David was such an avid cocksucker, but he mastered the gag reflex at age 18, and has spent the time since perfecting his deep-throating skills. Charley swears that his buddy David gives the best head in LA. I haven't had the pleasure of finding out yet, but I managed to get the guys clothes off of him to pose for me. Who knows where that randy blue lead?
Mirror masturbation

The adorable scholarship gay lesbian sam warren

Posted on: October 19, 2009
It's been over a year since I last saw Sam Warren and what a change. Originally from Moscow, he's been in America going to school and I think our culture is rubbing off on him. A year ago he walked into my office a very serious randy blue man. Short black hair, nice body, handsom face. Well, in the time he's been partying it up at school he's undergone an sky randy blue transformation. He's been working out, and it randy blue shows. I didn't think he could get any better than our last shoot but his body is even more sky randy blue and cut, with abs and a six pack you just want to run your tongue over. Those arms and legs have just the right shape, perfectly formed without being overly worked out. And the most notable difference is his hair. I was expecting the short, almost buzzcut, he'd had before but these days he's going for that long and floppy look that all the ladies love. He's a lot more laid back, workin his mojo with a scholarship gay lesbian bashfulness and a smile that could melt butter. From the waist up Sam looks like your average smooth porn star hunk, but pan that camera down and you get a lush patch of black, curly pubes that you just want to run your fingers through. And that's not all, it grows thickly over his ass, like a dark jungle you need to explore before reaching the treasure. I don't know which I like best, his randy blue hairy ass or his gorgeous cock. Talk about a handful. And he knows how to work it.
The adorable Sam Warren
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